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Major Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala)
« on: February 05, 2009, 11:32:47 AM »
Major Chadwick came from Chile to Tiruvannamalai in 1935.  He had already known about Bhagavan Ramana from Brunton's book. He
modified his meditation technique and started constant enquiry and search of the Witness as taught by Bhagavan Ramana.

He, after arriving at the Asramam, started reading the books, Self Realization by Narasimha Swami and Who am I?  He shared the room with Annamalai Swami for some weeks and then moved to his cottage in Palakottu.

He was very much interested in Vedaparayana.  He felt immense peace and bliss on hearing those recitations.  In fact, it is in his context that Bhagavan Ramana has clarified:  All can listen to Vedaparayana. But only brahmins should recite it."  Chadwick was responsible for establishing the Vedapatasala in the Asramam.

Once he asked why Jesus Christ felt the pain while in the Cross.  Bhagavan Ramana explained that even though he was a Jnani having attained liberation already, even though they are beyond suffering,
sometimes, the body may appear to feel pain.  This pain is for the body, just like hunger, thirst and nature calls.

Once, he had some huge fear while meditating and he asked Bhagavan Ramana whether it was e a correct reaction.  Bhagavan said that some people get immense fear and it is the ego that experiences fear, as it was gradually losing its grip!  He quoted
Sad Darsanam, verse 2 to Chadwick and explained. 
His method of meditation in the Asramam drew smiles from the onlookers. He used to gave a tape around his folded knees and waist to sit at the floor!  He refused chair to sit on, after some days.

Bhagavan Ramana once explained to him the meaning of Na karmana, the Vedic mantra.  He has rendered it in English and this is published in Talks of Munagala Venkatramiah, entry dated 9th
September 1938.

Chadwick says that people talk different things about Bhagavan
Ramana's Will. However, once Bhagavan had remarked to him, that whatever a Jnani said, however absurd it might seem, must eventually come to pass. He signed the Will (with a horizontal line and three small cuts across the line) which said that the Asramam must be maintained as a spiritual centre and that is being done inspite of the opposition.  Surely in time it will grow from strength to strength, to be known at length to the whole world.

(Source: A Sadhu's Reminiscences. Major Chadwick.)

Arunachala Siva.