Author Topic: The Experiences of the Great Four Siva Saints  (Read 1205 times)


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The Experiences of the Great Four Siva Saints
« on: February 02, 2009, 12:28:58 PM »
On 26th December 1936,(S.S. Cohen's Talks), Bhagavan Ramana
said: "All the four great saints have given out their experiences in
the very first stanza (of their poems).

1. Undifferentiated Worship:  This is undifferentiated worship of
Siva and Sakti, and Father-Mother concorporate.  Tiru Jnana Sambandhar starts his first song in Seerkazhi, at the age of three, on the banks of the tank:  " The Siva, with ear-stud in his left ear*,
came on His bull, with crescent on his locks, with the ashes from the cremation ground all over His body, .... He is the robbber who took away my 'mind'...."

(Here the moot reference to ear stud, is the ornament of woman, Sakti.  He is having Sakti on His left side, concorporate.)

2. Never failing remembrance:- This is remembering Siva always, day and night.  Saint Tirunavukkarasar, starts his first song in
Tiru-Adigai.  "Even though I did many misdeeds against you*,
you did not leave me like Yama.  I shall always pray to your feet,
day and night, when my stomach pain wrenches my intestine......"

(* By misdeeds, he refers to his days in Jainism, whereupon Siva
gave him incurable stomach pain, (which was later cured with vibhuti given by his sister Tilakavati) and he started praying Siva in Tiru Adigai night and day.)

3.   Unrisen thought:  This is thinking about Siva, without any other thought, Self without mind.  Saint Sundaramoorthy, starts his first song in Tiruvennai Nallur.  " O the mad, with crescent moon!  O my
Lord, the ever graceful, I am thinking you without any other thought,
O the concoporate with woman, in Tiruvennai Nallur...."

The above three are Tevaram Songs, in Canon, 1,4, and 7.

4. The ego is not, the Self is.  No rushing mind, only the Self in Heart.  Saint Manikkavachagar, says in Tiruvachakam, first poem,
Siva Puranam, "O the Lord, the Substance of Vedas, who stands in
my Heart, when the mind is gone...."  (Line 45)

Bhagavan Ramana, when asked by Cohen, as to why this truth is not realized, answered:  "It will be realized in due course. Till then there is devotion, (bhakti)...."

(Source: Talks, S.S. Cohen.)

Arunachala Siva.