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The facets of Sadguru
« on: January 30, 2009, 01:19:41 PM »
Once a Bengali devotee S.P. Mukherjee told Arthur Osborne about a dream he had.  In that dream, Mukherjee found he was shown an article titled "Sadguru is One" by Arthur Osoborne, in the all pervading presence of Bhagavan Ramana.  Mr. Osborne then requested Mukherjee to write down the dream and give it to him.
It was received by Arthur Osborne but he could not manage to write an article and it devolved on Mrs. Lucia Osborne to write one.
She narrates the facets of a Sadguru in that article.

1. The Sadguru for whom, there is no 'otherness' nevertheless
stresses this condition: "Divine Grace is vouchsafed to him only
who has striven hard and one pointedly."

2. The guru can be referred to as a 'specialized helper." Such a guru has been vested with the authority and function of directing without having himself broken free from the illusion of the individual state. He is compared to a not perfectly clean pipeline bringing the waters of life to thirsty men, able to quench their thirst up to a point not without danger of germs and sickness.

3. The real Guru is in the Heart.  The task of the outer Guru is
only to turn you inward to the Guru in the Heart. The outer Guru
in the form of a human psychosomatic instrument guides one back
to the Self within.  And this can be experienced.

4. The form of the Sadguru is a sort of decoy.  Out of compassion, He assumes a form and name.  Sri Bhagavan says: "You imagine Him to be like yourself with a body.  His work lies within.  The Guru who is
God takes pity on the devotees and manifests Himself and guides in the right path until he realizes the Self within.  The Guru is both within and without so He creates conditions to drive you inwards and exerts a pull from within..."

5. Enticement also comes in.  As said by Tayumanavar, that when overpowered by the infinite Expanse, (Absolute Consciousness),
all sorts will prosper, nothing will suffer, all undertaking will succeed to perfection... When overpowered by the infinite Expanse, all will be harmony without concepts of otherness.

6. The Sadguru is like a hand extended to help one out of the water of samsara (mundane existence with all its troubles).  May be the hand is extended when the seeker is almost ready or nearly out of the water, but may still slip back without such support. Again, it may be this final touch which, results in moksha.

7. The Grace of the Sadguru can help a seeker to get glimpses of ultimate Reality, but the seeker must also do his part.  Some need more encouragement than others. 

8. The Sadguru shows the way to still the mind so that waves of thought cease to rise and then the experience will well up again and can steady itself.

9. Sri Bhagavan gave the assurance that His guidance and contact will continue as before, even after His form has vanished.  How? 'Grace is ever present, Grace is the Self, you are never out of its operations.  All you have to do is to merge in the Heart and surrender. All that is necessary is to know Its existence. Earnest effort never fails."

10. This is the age of indiscipline and unbelief.  Those who reject the Guru do not reach beyond  the physical form.  Their own Self, the core of the Being is the Sadguru, God or the Self so how can be rejected?  For the Sadguru who is the Universal Self, there is no coming or going, no change or becoming, no here or there, only the changeless HERE and NOW.  Here in the heart of man who seeks Him.

(Source: Lucia Osborne, the Sadguru is One.)

Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: The facets of Sadguru
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2009, 06:14:20 PM »
Dear Subramanian R.,
I was unable to grasp the hidden meaning in point no. 2. It seems that Mrs. Osborne is saying that although the Guru is vested with the authority to guide the sishya, he himself is not free from individuality. Also she is comparing the Guru to an unclean pipeline; meaning that his teachings is mixed with his own ideas and concepts.
Please explain.

Om shri Ramana.


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Re: The facets of Sadguru
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2009, 09:42:18 AM »
Dear Disciple,

You are quite correct in as much as the point No.2 is a little confusing.  I also read it more than a couple of times.  I checked
up again and again, whether there could be any printing mistakes.

My understanding is:  The Guru's initiation into self enquiry will
create a new set of confusions/misunderstandings/and dangerous
doubts.  For example, many thought that the Self is only within
the Heart and were trying to concentrate on the right side of the
chest.  This could be okay for sadhaks, but one should understand
that the Self is everywhere.  Secondly, many got the bliss of Ananda mayakosa and mistook it as Bliss.  Bhagavan Himself has clarified this position to S.S. Cohen and others.  Thirdly, there was an extreme sense of fear/emptiness, and certain sadhaks were afraid to proceed further, eg. Major Chadwick.  Fourthly, many many thought that the Guru is restricted to the five and a half feet tall body.  Fifthly, some thought that guru-seva, or service to guru alone would confer liberation, eg. Kunju Swami.  I think, I may or may not be correct that these are the germs that come with the teachings of the guru.

I invite others to give their opinons as to what they think of this point No. 2

Arunachala Siva.