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Swami Madhavatirtha
« on: January 30, 2009, 11:27:28 AM »
Swami Madhavatirtha is the author of the Gujarati book The Life
and Teachings of Ramana Maharshi.  He was a great spiritual scholar and was delivering lectures in various places.  He also wrote a number of books.  Around 1924, he was attracted by the teachings
of Sri Aurobindo and he had a lot of dialogues with Sri Aurobindo.
Somehow, these dialogues did not satisfy him and in 1926, he parted ways with Sri Aurbindo and continued his searches.

In 1944, Madhavatirta went to Sri Ramanasramam, with Manu Subedar. He found Bhagavan's brilliance to pierce him to the core of his being. His breath seemed to stop for a while and his mind was elevated into some spiritual realm of unutterable peace and happiness. He says that the "abhinnabhava" of Maharshi is beyond the mental comprehension and understanding of the normal aspirant's mind, and one can understand that state to some extent, only by staying in the benign presence of the Maharshi.  He found in the gaze of Bhagavan Ramana, the brilliance of a thousand suns!

Bhagavan Ramana advised him to stop touring and lecturing to gain further in the area of spiritual realm. 

He had several exhanges with Bhagavan Ramana.  Once it ran like this:

Q: Who am I? To whom does the question refer?

B: The question refers to the individual 'I'. It does not refer to the Atman.

Q: Should I say, 'I am Siva' along with the enquiry, 'Who am I?'
Should I not say, 'I am not the mind, intellect, body etc.,?'

B:  You should not give an answer to the mind in the course of your enquiry.  The reply should be allowed to come from within.  The reply of the individual 'I' is not real. Continue to enquire until you get the answer by the method of jnana marga.  This enquiry is called meditation. The inactive, peaceful, full-of-knowledge experience
that arises from this state is Jnana.

Swami Madhvatirtha had a long conversation with Bhagavan
Ramana on His vichara and Sri Aurobindo's philosophy.  Bhagavan
Ramana did not agree with the concept of supermind and the supramental state taking a the seeker to an ascent (Superman?) for merging with the Self.  The details of conversation are available in the Power of the Presence, Volume 1.  These are also available in  Talks Nos. 159, 201, and 504.

Swami Madhavatirtha was also surprised about Bhagavan Ramana's treatment of Maya and also the theory of relativity, when he gave Him his book 'Maya' and discussed the concept of Maya with the theories of Albert Einstein.

(Source: Talks - Mungala Venkatramaiah. 
  The Power of the Presence, David Godman, Volume 1)

Arunachala Siva.