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Miracles Do Happen
« on: January 29, 2009, 12:04:43 PM »
M.A. Piggot came to Bhagavan Ramana in 1932-33, even though it was not his first visit to India.  Earlier, he had visited Bombay and
Calcutta.  As soon as he entered the Hall, he had unique experiences,
which he writes:

For a while nothing happened.  I tried to concentrate my mind. Suddenly, I became conscious that the Maharshi  eyes were fixed on me. They seemed literally like burning coals of fire piercing through one.  They glittered in the dim light.  Never before had I experienced anything so devastating -- in fact it was almost frightening.  what I went through in that terrible half hour, in a way of self condemnation and scorn for the pettiness of my own life, would be difficult to describe.  Not that he criticized, even in slience -- of that he was incapable -- but in the light of perfection all imperfections are revealed.  To show how little responsible he was for my feelings, he told me later on that doubting, self distrust and self depreciation are some of the greatest hindrances in the realization of Reality.

Before my departure, I asked the Maharshi:

What is the relation of the body to the 'I'. 

He smiled and then said:

"You came from the bungalow this morning in a cart.  Yet you do not say: 'The cart came up.'  You say: 'I came up.'  You did not make the mistake of identifying yourself with the cart.  In the same way, look upon your body as you do the cart.  Treat it well and it will be a good servant and instrument. But do not be deceived into thinking it is 'I'.  Do not look for the results.  Do what is right in the given moment, and leave it behind you."

And I left Tiruvannamalai.  In the dawn of the next morning, I caught a glimpse of Arunachala, the Holy Mountain, on which lives one of the greatest saints of earth.  It was red and glowing in the rising sun.  I wept.

(Source: Fragrant Petals. An anothology. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.