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Miracles Do Happen
« on: January 28, 2009, 09:46:32 AM »
Nonentity writes:

While reading The Mountain Path, (October 1968), I could not
resist thinking why people should come forward to record only
their spiritual experiences as a result of coming in contact with
Bhagavan. Some, I find, go to the extent of giving instructions
for the practice of Who am I? enquiry elaborating what the Master
has already taught.  I am a gross materialist and my approach to
Bhagavan was prompted by the highly self centered desire to
improve my material position.

I went to see Bhagavan Ramana in 1928.  At that time, I was
struggling as a temporary government employee on a very meagre
salary, with great family commitments.  When I went into the Hall,
some were meditating and or listening to the reading of Tiruchuzhi
Puranam.  I was only praying for my material welfare!  At that time,
there was one word in the Puranam, " Otrai Kannan", which means
one eyed Lord.  It was referring to Kubera, the god of wealth.  Bhagavan seemed amused when the dictionary mentioned five legs
for Kubera and one eye.  How did I interpret this situation?  I had
a defective eye and I had five sons!

Soon after, my financial position gradually improved and my defective eye got deteriorated.  Now I have only one eye and even
though I am not a Kubera, there was sufficient material welfare!
I feel and believe that I may attaqin the stage, before I pass away!
Somewhere I also heard that Kubera is only the custodian of wealth of the devas and perhaps he does not enjoy that wealth!  However,
I cannot show any weakness in my faith.

(Source: Fragrant Petals. An anthology.  Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.