Author Topic: The experience in Kevala and Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhis.  (Read 1658 times)


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The experience in Kevala and Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhis.
« on: January 27, 2009, 02:05:48 PM »
Two young men, Sri Chakravarty and Sri Jivarajani, who have been performing Sadhana in the Asramam, since about a year, today had an animated discussion among themselves about Kevala and Sahaja Nirvikalpa, which attracted partisans on both sides. Finally, they submitted their cases to the Maharshi.  The younger, Jivarajani led
their cases:


Is the experience of Kevala Nirvikalpa the same as that of Sahaja, although one comes down from it to the relative world?


There is neither coming down nor going up,  -- he who goes up and down is not real. In Kevala Nirvikalpa there is the mental bucket still in existence under the water, which can be pulled out at any moment. Sahaja is like the river that has linked up with the ocean from which there is no return. Why ask all these questions? Go on practising till you have the experience yourself.

Next day, Sri Chakravarty, hearing Bhagavan Ramana talking to a sadhaka about the above questions, came forward and said:


I wish to make our point clear, Bhagavan. Is it possible for a person, who, once had the experience of Satchitananda in meditation, to identify himself again with the body when out of meditation?


Where is the body? Is the body apart from the Self?  If it is, then the world will also be apart from it, which is absurd, for you would not be aware of it -- awareness being the Self.  A Sadhaka begins by taking himself as the body, but when he gets at the Self, he will realize himself to be Pure Intelligence -- even the body will then appear to be that Pure Intelligence, as the variously shaped jewellery are nought  but gold.... (pensively), Yes. It is possible for a Sadhaka who has experienced the Self to continue identifying with the body when out of meditation, but he gradually loses the identification in the course of his practice.  In the floodlight of the Self, the darkness of illusion dissipates for ever.

(Source: Guru Ramana. S.S. Cohen. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.