Author Topic: Questions about meat eating western 'gurus' like MOOJIJI on YOUTUBE  (Read 17032 times)


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Dear Sirs
My friend are starting following
an caraibian voodoo 'guru' named MOOJI
and on YOUTUBE channel MOOJIJI (2 times JI)

I know little of these things but he uses in every explanation
Ramana Maharshi's name.
I'm Old but when younger had a friend+, who visited Ramana many times.

So I know Ramana was a vegetarian and that MOO man is not
So how can he speak about God and Love while killing.

He also tells my friends that it does not matter
and it makes no karma once you see that you are god.

Please help me
What must I say to my friends and how can it be possible
that Indians accept this MOO in ARUNACHALA

There are many many western so called NON-DUALITY or ADVAITA  'teachers' on YOUTUBE and
I believe MOST of them  misuse Ramana for Power Sex and Money
like Raneesh did.

Can you at least confirm that it is not the right way.

Also I would like to know who was  appointed
by PapaJI as successor and does he gives Mantras

The MOO man gives them OMKARA mantra which to my
humble opinion has a tendency towards the creation and not to the creator.
I even believe he uses in a voodoo way that word as a post hypnotic command

Is that Man really received with honor in your community.

Or can it be , he going to your village and perhaps
paying villagers and filming how they honor him ?


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Re: Questions about meat eating western 'gurus' like MOOJIJI on YOUTUBE
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2009, 11:34:19 AM »
Dear Seth,

You have many questions.  I shall try to find some answers for you
as per Bhagavan Ramana.  If I have missed some questions of you,
please let me know.

1. Firstly regarding meat, Bhagavan Ramana only said that vegetarian
food would help to develop purity of mind, since meat and fish consist
of chemicals that would encourage rajasic character.  He did not
recommend vegetarian food to Western devotees, as a matter of
obligation.  But these sincere Western devotees like Chadwick turned
to vegetarianism on their own after some time.

2.  Regarding sex, Bhagavan Ramana has said that a family life with
wife and children is not prohibited.  One cannot become an ascetic
just because he wants.  He should be mentally prepared in all sincerity.  Unless mind is controlled, sex cannot be controlled.  So
He permitted the householders to stay as householders and do atma
vichara.  But by obverse, He did not definitely recommend permissive sex.  Since He has said mind must be controlled, one should conclude
that permissive sex where there is no control of mind, is definitely

3.  Those who do not follow these guidelines, have no business to
speak about Bhagavan Ramana or consider Him as their guru or
consider their own path as Bhagavan Ramana's Way.

4. Papaji came to Bhagavan Ramana and Bhagavan Ramana had guided him suitably.  Whether Papaji later gave mantras to his disciples or prescribed any specific guru mantras, I do not know.
Bhagavan Ramana did not give any mantras.  His only mantra was
to enquire Who am I?

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Questions about meat eating western 'gurus' like MOOJIJI on YOUTUBE
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2009, 08:34:02 PM »
I'm extremely thankful for your service
to answer so quickly and profondly,  .  .  .  but

I was not sufficiently clear .

The point is not at all the State of Mind of the disciple
but that of the Teacher.

Like and I'm so sure, because I know from first hand, Ramana
was a super hyper strict vegetarian himself ,

So, I think :

A) It's inconceivable that a person
giving Ramana's or any Indian Saint's teachings eats MEAT and this way is a
torturer of The Almighty in His Jivas, the animals.

B) That such a person invites vegetarians to drop the habit
because realizing God you will have no Karma.

The sex thing was just a referral to
sex power & money or in another
sequence , the Goal of many
and seeing the advertisings : "Be a Billionaire  : Start Your Own Church"
which has changed somewhat to :

"Start Your Own Ashram, success guaranteed, : 5 years only to be a Billionaire "

Still Thanks and inviting all readers to give their view
and personally I think Ramana is shivering in His Grave
if He had One.
( An expression Here)