Author Topic: Purification through Action for Jnana Vichara  (Read 1642 times)


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Purification through Action for Jnana Vichara
« on: January 26, 2009, 12:26:34 PM »
Placing a person in an environment where sattva ( a pure condition)
is active and assigning work such as in a temple or an Ashram affects one through mere association with the qualities inherent in
doing work for God, even if it is only something like cleaning the place of worship or the pots and pans or picking flowers.  Saiva
Siddhantis call it Sariyai.  Even advanced souls like Tirunavukkarasar
was always carrying a spade with him, to cut the weeds on the temple precincts and walls.

The first phase of transformation away from the dullness of the tamasic mind can begin with these actions, for as one is working for the benefit of a place that promotes higher life, one becomes acutely aware of one's own disinterest, negligence, laziness, and disregard
for someone in a godly environment and having him do work solely
for God, the higher power takes away the ego's power of avarana.
The veil is removed and now the dull, distasteful and shameful qualities of tamas are seen face to face. Although this divine association, this determined this form of satsang, the mind and heart are invested with a determined desire to rise out of the heedlessness. I have watched with keen interest, how sadhaks  clean up the premises with broom sticks, serve food and water great enthusiasm, guide visitors on various matters, search books/CDs/VCDs instantly and give them to you when you show interest to buy them. 

An awareness and recognition of one's intoxication addiction to
heedlessness is also brought to loight together with a resolve to
strive for spiritual growth.  Thus all-knowing God begins by infusing into us the will to change and seek a pure life.

The quality of soul that makes it possible for man to rise to the spiritual life is purity... that which one wills to do, he has the power to do.  Knowledge of that power is faith; and when faith moves, the soul begins to flight.

We have recognized that there is a fog that clouds our vision,
and our obstacles (restlessness and slothfulness) that literally
obscure the manifestation of the light of the Self in our consciousness.  Regardless of whatever 'label' we choose to call
this effort, whether it be deemed purification, removal of defilement, awakening, being in oneness or even becoming still; it should be known that Bhagavan called it effort that instils 'purity' and stressed that without it the goal of "vichara" (enquiry) will scarce be reached.

In direct reference to this Murugnar heard the following profound statement from Bhagavan Ramana and recorded it that our doubts might be cleared.

"Know that the wonderful Jnana Vichara is only for those who have attained purity of mind by sofening and melting within. Without
this sofening and melting away of the mind, brought about by thinking of the feet of the Lord, the attachment to the "I" that
adheres to the body will not cease to be."  (Padamalai)

"To a mind that has not become ripe, immediate realization and
peace are hard to gain through listening to enquiry.  Yet, if one
practises the means for mind-control for sometime, peace of mind can be obtained eventually."  (Vichara Sangraham.)

"In fact, when Bhagavan Ramana was once asked to define 'yoga', He replied:  "Effort itself is yoga."  (Guru Ramana. S.S. Cohen.)

(Source: Largely based on Mountain Path. July-September 2008)

Arunachala Siva.