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Searching for the Guru
« on: January 23, 2009, 01:08:45 PM »
There is a widespread hunting for the guru.  And a lot of so-called
gurus make a quite good business out of the distorted ideas about
the guru and his function that are prevalent everywhere. Who then
is a Guru?

The Talks No. 350 gives the following position:

"The sastras say that one must serve a guru for twelve years
for getting Self realization. What does the guru do? Does he
hand it over to the disciple? Is not the Self always realized?
What does the common belief mean then?  The man is always
the Self and yet he does not know it? He confounds it with the
non-self, viz., the body etc., Such confusion is due to ignorance.
If ignorance be wiped out the confusion will cease to exist and the
true knowledge will be unfolded.  By remaining in contact with
realized sages, the man will gradually lose the ignorance until its
removal is complete. The external Self is thus revealed.

" The disciple surrenders himself to the master. That means there
is no vestige of individuality retained by the disciple.  If the surrender is complete, all sense of individuality is lost, and there
is thus no cause of misery.  The eternal being is only happiness.
That is revealed.

"Without understanding it aright, people think that the guru
teaches the disciple something like "Tattvamasi" and the disciple
realizes, "I am Brahman".  In their ignorance, they conceive of
Brahman as something more huge and powerful than anything
else. With a limited "I" the man is so stuck up and wild. What
will be the case if the same "I" gorws up enormous?  He will be
enormously ignorant and foolish! This false "I" must perish. Its
annihilation is the fruit of guruseva, the service to the guru.
Realization is eternal and it is not newly brought about, by the
guru.  He helps in removal of ignorance.  That is all."

The real guru is one who has realized the Self. But how can we
recognize him? He does not talk about himself, he behaves
exactly as everybody else and if he does not, there is reason to
be cautious.  There is only one quality by which he is revealed in
his silence as well as in his talk.

If you are ready for him, he will meet you without any searching
for him on your part. And only then can you be sure that he is the
guru for you.

Even the first quest after meaning of life is already prompted by
the inner, the real Guru.  There is a beautiful experience of Moses, preserved in the traditon of Islam. When he complained, "O Lord, where shall I seek to find thee? he heard the answer, "Thou woldst not seek Me if thou woudst not already have found Me."

Who is it ihat is in search for the guru? The longing is certainly
prompted by the Self, as it is indicated also in the answer to Moses' prayer.

(Source: Hunting the "I". Lucy Cornelssen. Sri Ramanasramam,

Arunachala Siva.