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Guru in your pilgrimage
« on: January 23, 2009, 11:21:18 AM »
After about three months' stay in the Asramam, Cohen wanted to have his own home and a small cottage in Palakottu was constructed by him. Palakottu was the hollowed place, where at different times, Bhagavan Ramana's devotees like Paul Brunton, B.V. Narasimaswami, Major Chadwick, Yogi Ramaiah and Muruganar had stayed.  The house warming ceremony was arranged on 5th April
1936 and Cohen had invited Bhagavan Ramana too.  The Maharshi graced the occasion by going to Cohen's cottage and taking a little of the warmed milk on the occasion.  On that day, Cohen asked Bhagavan: "Bhagavan! You have given me a home for this body.
I now need your Grace to grant the eternal home of my soul, for which I broke all my human ties and came."  Bhagavan Ramana stopped in the shade of a tree, gazed silently on the calm water of the tank for a few seconds and replied: "Your firm conviction brought you here; where is the room for doubt?" Cohen reflected on this.

After three years of sadhana, oneday Cohen told Bhagavan: I feel a strong urge to on a pilgrimage to the South -- Chidambaram, Sri
Rangam, Rameshwaram. .."  Bhagavan seemed to tell him: "Yatra,
what for? Are you still in doubt?"  Cohen nevertheless continued:
"No, Bhagavan. now I feel I need a change for some months, which I intend spending in Hindu holy places."  Bhagavan smiled approval and enquired about the date and time of his starting, and whether he had made arrangements for stay in various places.  Cohen said:
I am going as a sadhu, trusting to chance for accommodation.

After three months thereafter, he laid on a mat in Kanyakumari, immensely relieved of mental tension which the Master's physical form had caused him.  In solitude, he plunged in reflection on his blissful silence and calm repose. The stillness of his mind haunted him everywhere he went -- the temple of everyouthful Kanyakumari.

He felt the Master's influence in the depths of his soul and cried:
"O Bhagavan!  How mighty you are and how sublime and all pervasive is the immaculate purity of Your mind!  What tender emotions do we, Your disciples, think of Your incomparable qualities, Your gentleness, Your serene adorable countenance. Your cool refreshing smiles. The sweetness of he words that come out of Your mouth. The radiance of Your all-embracing love. Your equal vision towards one and all, even towards diseased stray animals!"

(Source: Guru Ramana. S.S. Cohen. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.