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The essential Truth is revealed in the Scriptures as SAT - CHIT - ANANDA.

SAT : Eternal.
CHIT: Consciousness

And we are That. So we have to see within and validate this statement. Are we SAT? Are we CHIT ? Are We Ananada ? These have to be seen .

CHIT Aspect is the most fundamental. That we are Consciousness ... we can see this within ourselves by inquiring "Who am I ?". This fundamental inquiry leads to Self Knowledge. When i say "Who am i?" , i immediately find that the body is just inert and dumb [jada padartha]. it being lifeless cannot answer my question. Then, i find that any answer at the mental level, ie, any thought that might come ... if we see from where it is arising ... we find that it is from Consciousness.

And Consciousness is unchanging ... so The moment, i recognize myself as Consciousness , i also become SAT.

For me to revel in that Bliss ... i have to drop hankering... Coz i the consciousness do not desire, do not want. There is no where to go. Mentally movement is possible. For consciousness... no movement is possible. There is really no where to go. Nothing to achieve ! Thus being as we are ... by Just Being as the Consciousness which we are [not getting into the "mind" ;)] ... we realize the Bliss aspect as well.