Author Topic: Jnana Marga described in Tirumantiram  (Read 2097 times)


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Jnana Marga described in Tirumantiram
« on: January 19, 2009, 01:22:19 PM »
The fifth tantra of Tirumantiram describes the path of Jnana and the
ways of a Jnani.

Than Jnana,
There is no better ethical path, here below:
No better religious faith;
Nothing else than Jnana confer liberation true
They that ae exalted in Jnana
Are truly exalted among men.

Out of the primal principle of Nada (sound)
The mind springs,
And out of the mind, -- intelligence, egoity and will;
They who have mastered these three,
And the mind's cogitational activity as well,
Verily have mastered Nada
And have truly attained Jnana.

Thus they say:
By devotion the Jiva first sojourns Lord's world;
Then comes to dwell in Lord's proximity;
Further on receives Lord's grace,
And in the end attains Jnana
In Sivohamic I and You union
Jiva shall himself Siva become.

Brahman shall by his impregnable abode,
Universe, his kith and kin,
Diverse paths the world presents
All, all shall be his;
For verily he has realized
The pure Jnana free of doubt.

The Lord is of infinite grace,
To His Celestial City are love, light and peace eternal,
To them that seek to know His Form
And understand His attributes
And attain His Holy Feet,
To them this is the Path,
This, this boat to cross Life's turbulent waters.

For Jnani all four paths are;
Not so for the yogi until he becomes mouni,
For him is kundalini yoga in ardour performed,
Chariya and kriya too are his.

The Jnani attains all the four stages in Jnana;
Jnana-in-Jnana is to transcend the 'I' and 'mine'.
Yoga-in-Jnana is to envision the light of Nadanta,
Kriya-in-Jnana is to seek liberation by good.

He who realizes Jnana in its four divisions
He verily transcends the conflict of virtue and vice;
He has glimpsed the mighty object;
He is the immaculate, Siddha, Siva-mukta.

(Source: Tirumantiram, English Translation. Dr. B. Natarajan.
Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.)

Arunachala Siva.