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Repetitive actions and events in life
« on: January 18, 2009, 11:25:21 AM »
All of us are experiencing this in our lives.  We are having repetitive
actions and events with some changes far in between and we are
bored with this monotony. 

We get up in the morning, have coffee and bath and sit with the newspaper. Same news or same types of news, LTTE, Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Tendulkar hitting another century, blabbering of Chiranjeevi about his Praja Rajyam, Sibu Soren winning or losing elections, Sensex falling, falling....  Then we sit for breakfast.
Same iddlies or dosas. Then take the car and go to office. Same traffic hazards, shouting at the errant schoolboy who is crossing the road when you are rushing to office.  Then in office, same faces, same gossips, shouting at juniors or being shouted at by bosses, same stale poori at canteen, coming home, same TV serial, the same old heroine being kidnapped and weeping....  This is happening ad nauseum.  How to tackle with this?  It is like Sisyphus rolling the big stone upto the summit of the  hills.  Or the Siberian prisoner, rushing through the day, with same misery in Aleksander Solshenitzyn's novel, "One day in the Life of Ian Ivanovich."

I observe that there are two ways open to us. 

One is to break the monotony.  Do not read newspapers for three months.  Nothing would have changed in the country or in the world.
You do not miss anything.  Do not eat iddlies and vadas.  Eat unripe mangoes, jaggery and desicated coconuts for about three months.
Take long leave or resign the job and start with your money an Internet Browsing Centre or an old book shop.  Change the house.
Live in a small house with one hour water supply.  Try to learn to live without plenty of water and food.  Skip your sleeping tablets or vitamins and tolerate the withdrawal of medicines.  This is something like what the hero in Elia Kazan's "The Arrangement"
did.  He left his job as an executive of an advertising company which gave him a million dollar salary and then ran away with his stenographer to a village to live a life in utter poverty.  This can be done, and you should have only to determine it.  Like Bhagavan Ramana threw away his last money, say about Rs 3 into the Ayyankulam tank and went into the Vahana Mantapam, in Arunachala temple, in 1896.  A few have tried this.  Like the IIM graduate who resigned from his San Jose job and started a vegetable shop on the outskirts of Patna in Bihar.  One can become self actualized.  One can be free from boredom and montony, till a fresh boredom sets in.

Or, you should make the present life of repetitive events and actions more interesting, by living in NOW.  Finding every second of your lfe, as NOW, and enjoying it ebulliently.  Enjoy every morning's iddlies, as if you are eating iddlies for the first time in your life!  Shout at your erring juniors in the office, as if they are making the mistakes for the first time!  Get shouted at, in the same way by seniors and revel in their shouting!  Type in your laptop, as if you are having a brand new laptop and you are typing an e mail for the first time.  Enjoy your TV serial as if you are seeing the first episode of a serial where the crying of the heroine is a fresh experience!   Bhagavan Ramana did this also.  He lived  54 years of His life in Tiruvannamalai, as if everyday was a new day.  Every moment was NOW. Every question on Self Enquiry by devotees was the first question, he was answering, as if it was done for Sivaprakasam Pillai.   He is therefore called in the 108 Holy Names:
Om Mahothsahaaya Namah:  (No. 25)  "the One who is ever fresh, ever joyful, ever ebullent, always in the Self!

Arunachala Siva.