Author Topic: Tiru Navukkarasar, (Appar) - 4 (One of the 63 Siva Saints)  (Read 2149 times)


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Tiru Navukkarasar, (Appar) - 4 (One of the 63 Siva Saints)
« on: January 17, 2009, 09:52:02 AM »
In Thingaloor, Tirunavukkarasar was surprised to find that there were many rest houses, free food stalls and water sheds and places where buttermilk was freely distributed to tired pilgrims.  Further,
all these free centre were named after Tirunavukkarasar.  He asked the details from locals. They said that there was one great Siva devotee, who was also a devotee of the great servitor, Tirunavukkarasar!  The saint then went to his house and met Appoothi Adigal.  Appoothi Adigal's son was also named after
Tirunavukkarasar!  When the saint told him that he was Tirunavukkarasar, Appothi Adigal's joy knew no bounds.  With tears in his eyes, he prostrated before the saint and also asked his wife and son to prostrate.  He requested Tirunavukkarasrar to stay for dinner.  A nice dinner was arranged.  The host sent his boy to the backyard to cut a plaintain leaf for eating.  When the boy went there, he was stung by a serpent and he died on the spot.  On knowing this, Appoothi Adigal hid the body of the boy in a corner in the backyard and asked his wife to serve food for Tirunavukkarasar. The saint asked Appoothi Adigal to ask his son too to sit with him for dinner.  Appoothi Adigal said that he had gone to the shrine nearby.  Tirunavukkarasar then knew the fact.  He rushed to the garden and sang a beautiful song on Siva, starting as Onrukolam....  This song starts with numbers 1,2,3 etc., and ends with 10 in the decad.  When the song was completed, the boy rose as if he was rising from sleep!   Appoothi Adigal became very joyous and tears shed from his eyes. The couple and the boy prostrated before Tirunavukkarasar and the saint spent some days with them.

Tirunavukkarsar then went to Tirupazhanam, Tiru Chotruthurai, Tiru Nallar, Tiruvanchiyam, Tiruvalanchuzhi, Tirucherai and other places. From there he went to Tiruvarur again.   In Tiruvarur, he met Nami Nandi Adigal, (the saint who had lit lamps in Siva temple, with water).  They spent some together doing service in the temple and also singing songs.  Tirunavukkarasar then went to Puhalur and there he met Tiru Jnana Sambandhar again. The two saints after visiting many places, reached Tirumaraikadu, where the temple gates were closed.  The two saints sang each one song to open the door and also to shut it again, whereafter the doors of the temple could open and close everyday.  This story, we have seen in Jnana Sambandhar's posts.  At this time, rains failed in that region and Kaveri was dry.  Both the saints sang songs and got one gold coin each everyday and this could be exchanged for foodstuff and fruits and flowers everyday and the hunger of the locals were quenched.

(Source: Periya Puranam, Sekkizhar. Tamil Verses. Book XII of Siva Canons. Saiva Siddhanta Book Publishing House, Chennai. Translation and Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.