Author Topic: Why do i not realize the Truth ?  (Read 1545 times)


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Why do i not realize the Truth ?
« on: January 16, 2009, 01:41:14 PM »
         This is a very significant question. The Truth, to hear from a guru, is : You are Consciousness. That is all there to "say". But having heard this, the disciple has to own it up and live it. And this is where the problems happen. The vasanas, our inherent tendencies, block us from reveling as Consciousness. They make us forget this simple fact: I am Consciousness and we start to identify with the body mind complex once again.

In this scenario... lets explore the basic reason why we do not realize the Truth. That is the basic reason why we are not able to own up the Truth. The point is, we have certain habit patterns which we called vasanas which stop us from seeing the Truth as it IS. When a person starts his spiritual quest, he starts to become attached to new ideas: like new philosophy, new practises etc. What he is instead supposed to do is "question" the vasanas. Confront them. We need to hold onto the the Truth or guru's feet and learn to confront the Vasanas without getting touched.

its like facing the situtations of life, without allowing the ego identifications.

By living like a Ramana, we learn to live like Ramana. So try living like Ramana in various situtations of life... holding onto his feet with great respect. That is the way to find release.