Author Topic: Tiru Jnana Sambandhar (One of the 63 Siva Saints)  (Read 1543 times)


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Tiru Jnana Sambandhar (One of the 63 Siva Saints)
« on: January 15, 2009, 09:44:57 AM »
Tiru Jnana Sambandhar was born in a Brahmin family, in Seerkazhi.
This is a small town near Chidambaram.  His parents were great Siva
devotees and were steeped in Vedic rities.  This town with Vedic chants
has got 12 names. In this town, there was pious Siva devotee born in
Koundinya Gotram. He is Sivapada Hrudayar. Sivapada Hrudayar felt sad
that during his time, the Siva worship had declined with the onslaught of
Buddhist and Jaina doctrines. He prayed to Siva to give him a male child to bring back Saivism and Vedism to its primal glory.  On an Arudra Day, a male child was born to the couples and he was named Jnana Sambandhar.

When Jnana Sambandha was three years old, his father set out to take
bath in the temple tank and he took his son Sambandha along with him.
Leaving his son on the bank of the tank, the father was taking his bath and he plunged into the tank to tell the famous Agamarshna Stotram.
Not seeing his father, the child Sambandha began to cry and looking at the temple tower he shed tears.  He was also hungry as it was time for his early morning milk.  Seeing his tears, Siva and Uma appeared on the sky
mounting on the bull.  Siva said to Uma: "Fill a golden bowl with your
breast milk and feed the child. He is our son, Skanda!"  Uma descended and gave the milk to Sambandha and wiped his tears.  The couple disappeared after feeding and before Sivapada Hrudayar could come out of the tank. Seeing the stain of milk on his child's lips and cheeks, the father asked the child:   Who gave you the milk? Show me the person
who has fed you with the polluted milk?"  The child shed tears and showing his finger to the temple tower, and sang:  O He is the One with dangling earstud and bright white crescent moon on his locks!  He came in his bull with his consort.  He is wearing the holy ashes from the burial ground.  He is the thief of my heart.  He is Siva of the temple!"  He sang
a decad on Seerkazhi Siva and Uma. 

The child from that time, came to be called as Aludaya Pillai, the Child
with a Protector.  Sivapada Hrudayar who was about to take a stick to
punish the child, threw it, hugged the child and shed profuse tears that
Siva has graced him with a male issue, who can re-establish Saivism and drove out Buddhist and Jaina theories.

(Source: Periya Puranam, Sekkizhar. Tamil Verses. Book XII of Siva
Canons.  Saiva Siddhanta Book Publishing House, Chennai. Translation and prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.