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Zen Stories
« on: January 13, 2009, 11:21:36 AM »
Settan became a monk when he was only ten years old.  One day he
decided to go travelling to find a real guide, and he asked his mentor permission to leave. His master refused.

Determined to find the Way, Settan decided to go without telling anyone. Hanginga note on the temple gate saying, "Unless I attain the Way, I will never enter this gateway again!", he left.

Finding his way to the congregation of Zen Master Torin, Settan sat in meditation, day and night.  Torin was one of the few enlightened teachers left in those days, and his method was stern and unpredictable.

One day Settan finally decided he had no more time to waste. Climbling up to the top of a building, he veered that he would not come down alive unless he attained enlightenment that night.

Sitting in deep meditation, all through the night, by dawn Settan still had not broken through.  Getting up in disguist, he went to the railing to jump off the building to his death.

All of a sudden, just as he was abot to step over, he heard a cock crow.
At that moment Settan's mind opened up, and he was greaty enlightened.

Overwhelmed with joy, Settan hurried to the teacher.  When Master
Torin saw him, at once he affirmed:

"You have broken through!"

(Source: Zen antics. Thomas Cleary. Shambhla, Boston.)

Arunachala Siva.