Author Topic: Thoughts on Arudra Darsanam Day, 10.1.2009  (Read 1478 times)


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Thoughts on Arudra Darsanam Day, 10.1.2009
« on: January 10, 2009, 09:52:27 AM »
Today is Arudra Darsanam day.  Nataraja in the Tiruchuzhi Temple,
had come out for procession and after the day long procession in the
morning and evening, the deity is getting back to the temple. It is
around midnight, on 29th Dec 1879.  As He entered the temple of
Tiruchuzhi, He took an avatara in Sundaram Iyer's house.  Azhagammal
delivered a handsome male child just after midnight.  The light
pervaded everywhere. The visually challenged midwife, who was
attending to Azhagamamal, exlcaimed, upon seeing a flashing light,
O Avatara! O Avatara!  The incarnation of Skanda, who was to guide
thousands of devotees who thronged to Him, for 54 years, arrived!

Bhagavan Ramana, who had always been staying in Tiruvannamalai,
and never stirred out, was once asked by one Dikshitar from Chidambaram, that He should come to Chidambaram, and pursue
his work, since Chidambaram, called Thillai, has always been the
primary place of Saivites.  The Saivites merely call it Kovil, meaning
the temple.  And the word 'temple' always means Chidambram.  Bhagavan Ramana did not agree and there was a beautiful poem
from His lips.  This is the first verse of Arunachala Navamani Malai.

In the court (of Chidambaram), Siva, thought motionless by nature
dances (in rapture) before His Sakti who stands still. Know that in
Arunachala, He stands in His solemnity and She withdraws there into
His Unmoving Self.

Siva is Matter and Sakti is Energy.  For a change, the roles got reversed in Chidambaram. Siva danced in rapture, full of activity while Sakti,
Sivakama Valli, stood still.  In Arunachala, while Siva continues to be
still, which is His usual form, Sakti (Unnamulai) who is known for
all mayic activities, withdraws into His Unmoving Self!

Arunachala Siva.