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Chanting Sivaya Nama
« on: January 07, 2009, 03:41:05 PM »
"Sivaya Nama" meaning, "Obeisance to Siva" is the most powerful
and sacred mantra for Saivas.  It is referred to as the "Panchakshari"
the five syllables.  Saivias refer to five type of mantras:

Namasivaya  - is called Sthula Panchakshara or Gross Syllables.
Sivayanama  - is called Sukshuma Panchakshara or Subtle Syllables.
Siva Siva        - is called iruthalai manikkam, or two headed ruby.
Sivayasiva      - is called vaippu manikkam, or the wealth of ruby.
Si                      - is called Naayotti mantram or the syllable that drives
                            out the dog.  'dog' here means the individual soul.
                            This is the mantra special for Kala Bairava, who
                            keeps a dog with him.

Padamalai Verse 1765 reads:  Through grace, Padam ensures that
there is never any danger to those who remain in their Heart, meditating
'Sivaya Nama'.

Padamalai Verse 831 reads:  The mantra 'Sivaya Nama' on which you
meditate will reveal itself within your Heart to be your father and mother.

In this verse, the father implies Siva, who is Sat, Being while the
mother denotes Sakti or Chit, Consciousness.

Padamalai Verse 2481 reads: The mind that does Japa, 'Siva, Siva'
will automatically lose itself in ajapa.

Though Bhagavan rarely gave out mantras, when He did, He generally
recommended 'Siva, Siva'. Muruganar himself was given this mantra
by Bhagavan, as were several other devotees including Annamalai Swami, the brother of Rangan, (who was one of Bhagavan's childhood friends)
and an unknown harijan.

Padamalai Verse 2581 reads: The state in which the Heart is firmly
established in Sivam will arise when the heart dwells unceasingly upon
the 'Panchakshari'.

Bhagavan:  Jnana Sambandha is a devotee of Siva. He explained in
a verse the way to do japa of 'Panchakshari' of Lord Siva's name.
Its meaning is that one should close navadwaras, the nine apertures
of the human body, i.e two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, the mouth,
anus and the organ of generation, lock them and seal them.  Otherwise,
the mind will run away.  After sealing the nine doors, do 'Panchakshari'
japa (repeating the five letters).   If by controlling the senses, the mind
can be controlled, that is submerged, that which remains is the Self.
One meditates on one's Self and the japa become one's own Self.
(Letters of Suri Nagamma. 7.5.1948)

(Source: Padamalai, Muruganar. Tamil Verses. Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham.  Tr. and Commentary by David Godman. Avadhuta Foundation.)

Arunachala Siva.