Author Topic: Conduct for Sadhakas, (seekers) - 2  (Read 1565 times)


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Conduct for Sadhakas, (seekers) - 2
« on: January 06, 2009, 03:48:56 PM »
Muruganar continues...

V 794: When the sadhaka's efforts result in failure, the benefits
of this effort, is to make him understand that Self realization can
only be attained by the Guru's grace, and not by personal exertion,
thus preparing the sadhaka to seek the cool grace bestowed by
the Guru.

Muruganar says in Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, Keerthi Tiruvahaval,
lines 343-346,

The Lord is impossible to attain by any stratagem.
Yet for those who in their minds are clearly convinced
that to attain Him is not without their power,
who have become wearied by their efforts,
and in whom the mischievous antics of the ego
have become throrughly stilled,
He will easily fall into their grasp.

V. 795: Dattatreya, the son of Atri Maharshi lived his life, learning
by keen observation a beneficial truth from each and every thing
and being.  For those  who emulate him because they have the
great merit of an untwisted mind, their worldly life will itself become
gurukulavasam, living as a pupil in the home of the Guru.

(Source:  Guru Vachaka Kovai, Tamil, Muruganar. Tr. and
Commentary by David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.