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Conduct for Sadhakas, (seekers).
« on: January 06, 2009, 03:39:03 PM »
Guru Vachaka Kovai, Chapter 68, Verse 786-795, describe the conduct
requirements for Sadhakas, seekers.

V 786: For those who have eternally embarked upon the performance
of their duty, which is Self-abidance, slipping from the state of the
Self that possesses the excellence of non-duality is itself a grave
fault. This being so, if one ponders over it, can interference in others'
affairs be consistent with this duality?

Bhagavan Ramana always said to the devotees to attend to the work,
for which they had come, that is Self enquiry and not to interfere with
others' affairs.  When someone reported (wrongly) that Major Chadwick
was eating non-vegetarian dishes inside his room, Bhagavan Ramana
said:  Attend to your work.  He then asked Annamalai Swami to verify
(for the sake of others), who came and told Him that it was all bluff.
Bhagavan Ramana then quoted one famous Tevaram verse:

..... If one is a Siva devotee, even if he takes beef, he is adored by
me, as my God, Siva, by my bowing my head to him....

V 787: You should know that if, at all times, the Jiva sees only the
virtues in others, without paying attention to any shortcomings,
then his life will be wholly delightful, with no scope in it for repugnance.

We all know  Kandaswami's story.  He was coming to Asramam, but
people detested him for his bad behaviour.  During his last days, when
he was lying in the mantapam opposite Asramam, he was given Malayalam gruel, as per his wishes, by Asramam, at Bhagavan's insistence. When he died, devotees in the Hall were wondering what
Bhagavan would say about Kandaswami.  Bhagavan Ramana said:
"O what a neat man was he.  He used to wear only spotlessly white

V 788: Unless a person firmly adheres to the dictum, "That which deserves to be reformed is my own mind", by turning Selfwards and
correcting himself, his mind will get defiled more and more, by his
paying attention exclusively to the defects of others.

V 789: Heart, it is nt because you have a sattvic nature, which is
egoless and sweet like sugar, that Jnanis shower their love on you.
You should know that it is becaue of their benevolence, which forgives
all your accumulated defects, disregarding them all.

V 790: It is human to err. However, those strong ones who are
mindful of their conduct should not, through overweening pride,
cover up their faults but own up to them and correct themselves
in an appropriate way. This is the proper course.

V 791: Since all the moral and religious observances that have been
laid down protect the sadhaka for a long distance, along the path,
they deserve to be fully observed, but if they obstruct the practice
of the excellent vichara that bestows true Jnana, then give them
up as deficient.

V 792: If your desire is fulfilled in the way that you want, do not get
deluded and feel proud by imagining that this has been achieved
by the power of your penance. Realizing the truth that this is only
due to the blessed grace of God that has flowed towards you, you
should humble yourself, feel grateful, and have even increasing
devotion to his feet.

V 793:  Let whatever happens happen in the way it happens. Do
not entertain the slightest thought of going against it. Without
embarking on any new enterprise, beceome one with the seer
who sees the eye, he who remains peacefully merged in the Heart.

(Source: Guru Vachaka Kovai, Muruganar. Tr. and Commentary,
David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.