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Muruganar's Works on Bhagavan Ramana
« on: January 05, 2009, 04:52:13 PM »
Muruganar (Ramanathapuram Krishnan Subramanya Iyer) was a
great Tamil scholar.  He came to Bhagavan Ramana with a Tamil
song.  He had, in all composed about 30,000 verses on Bhagavan
Ramana, the highest on a single subject, perhaps next only to
Vyaysa's Skandam (1 lakh verses).

His works were taken up for publication, by Sri Ramanapadananda.
Sri Ramanapadananda, was a Vaishnavite from Kumbakonam who
took up Siva and Muruga worship.  He used to wear rudraksha and
apply holy ashs and sing melodiously songs of Tevaram and Tiruppagazh.
He became an ardent admirer of Muruganar and he used to shed
tears singing songs from Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai (Homage to the
Presence of Ramana).  He was working as a stock broker in Bombay
and visited Sri Ramanasramam, frequently.  He spent most of his wealth
in publication of Muruganar's works and also to tour Sri Lanka (earlier
Ceylon) and Malaysia (earlier Malaya) to spread Bhagavan Ramana's
glroy and sing songs of Muruganar.  He was distributing books on
Bhagavan Ramana and Muruganar's songs free of cost to devotees.

1. Sri Ramanapadananda published the first edition of Sri Ramana
Sannidhi Murai (Homage to the Presence of Sri Ramana) in 1933
and also took up further editions, in 1939 and later.  Prof. K. Swami
nathan made renderings of SRSM in English, selected verses.  Sri
Ramana Sannidhi Murai is modelled on Tiruvachakam of Saint

2. In 1939, he also brought out the first edition of Guru Vachaka Kovai, (Garland of Guru's Sayings).  All the 1282 verses of Guru Vachaka Kovai has been translated with commentary in English by David Godman and published in 2008. Earlier, select verses had been rendered in English by Prof. K. Swaminathan.  Of these 1282 verses, 28 verses have been
composed by Bhagavan Ramana Himself.

Both these books (Tamil original) have been later taken up for publication by Sri Ramanasramam.

3. Sri Ramanapadananda also published Sri Ramana Deva Malai and
Sri Ramana Sarana Pallandu of Muruganar in 1943.

4. Prof. K. Swaminatha Iyer, has also published Muruganar's remaining works as Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham, through Delhi Ramana Kendra. There are 9 volumes and contain remaining verses of Muruganar. Sri Sadhu Om has taken up the compilation and arrangement of the entire Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham  In this Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham, about 1700
verses of the total of about 3050 verses of Padamalai (Garland for
Guru's feet), have been rendered into English by David Godman, in

5. Sri Ramana Anubhuti (2 volumes) have been published by Prof.
K. Swaminatha Iyer, through his own publishing house, Dharmalayam in Chennai in 1960 and 1961.  Of these, the first one, later titled as
Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam has been rendered into English by Robert Butler.  It was first published by Sri Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, Bangalore.  The revised and corrected edition is shortly coming from Robert Butler soon in 2009. 

6. Sri Ramana Anubhuti Venba has been published by Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.

Sri Sadhu Om, Prof. K. Swaminatha Iyer, Michael James, Robert Butler and David Godman, Dr. Venkatasubramanian are all responsible for publications of Muruganar's works in Tamil and English.  The publication efforts have been made by Sri Ramanapadananda, RMCL, Bangalore, Delhi Ramana Kendra, Dharmalayam, Avadhuta Foundation (David Godman), Boulder, Colarado, USA.  Sri Ramanasramam has been mainly responsible for all Tamil editions and for selling all Tamil and English editions.             

The members will be surprised to note that Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham,
9 volumes published by Delhi Ramana Kendra, were sold at Rs 10
per volume, in 1990s.  There is no second edition.

Arunachala Siva.