Author Topic: Bhagavan Ramana's biography by Kavyakanata Ganapati Sastri  (Read 1557 times)


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Bhagavan Ramana's biography by Kavyakanata Ganapati Sastri
« on: January 05, 2009, 11:53:03 AM »
Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri wanted to write a biography of Bhagavan
Ramana Maharshi.  The project was commenced but due to many
reasons, Sastri could not proceed beyond three chapters on that
biography.  He gives a beautiful description of Bhagavan Ramana's
avatara in the world.

He says:

Unless a nation suffers, there is no need for an avatara of Mahapurusha.
They take birth in human body, only to remove the miseries of the
world.  Sri Rama took birth with a view to protect the sages from the
onslaught of many demons in forests.  Sri Krishna was born to remove
the vengeful and sinning kings in the nation.  Persons like Sri Sankara,
the Buddha and Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi had no such specific targets.
So, they did not take up bow and arrow or sword or a mace.  They came
for imparting jnana into the minds of the deluded citizens of the land,
and not merely kings, and also to help other living beings like animals,
birds with their abundant grace.  Bhagavan Ramana has the twin
characteristics of the Buddha and Sankara, the Buddha's merciful heart and Sankara ability to interpret tantra and mantra for the benefit of
the entire mankind.

The Maharshi is different from a Mahatma.  Mahatmas can only take
a nation to the path of freedom, they can show mercy to people and
teach them good and the true.  But the Mahatmas can not confer
deliverence to seekers.  The Maharshi does all that a Mahatma does
but also confers liberation through atma jnana.  Mahatmas are born
in every century.  But Maharshis are born only once in many centuries!

The Maharshi need not 'teach' anything to the seekers.  Their silence
would do the work.  Their slience can liberate people.  In fact, their
silence can even quell the arguing and debating minds!   Their Silence
can bring tears from the sincere seekers. Their silence can remove
the shackles of the minds. Their Silence can bring about Peace in
their hearts.

Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri covered only upto the birth and  early years  of Bhagavan Ramana, that is upto his young age in Tiruchuzhi.

(Source: Kavyakanta Ganapati Munivar. Tamil. Krupanandan.
Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.