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Tirupalli Ezhucchi - 1
« on: January 05, 2009, 10:28:17 AM »
Saint Manikkavachagar has composed only 20 songs in Tiruvembavai.
The girls after bath, go to Siva temple and wake him up then.  This
scene is described in Tirupalli Ezhucchi.  The Holy song of 'waking up!'
Okay.  Are we really waking up Siva?  He is the One who never bats
his eyelids.  A single batting of eyelids, cause the dissolution of the
universe.  It is we, who are individual souls, who are always in the
slumber of ignorance, are waking up!

The first verse of Tirupalli Ezhucchi, reads as under:

Praise to you, the Substance, which is the Capital of our lives!
The day is breaking.  We are placing two flowers to your golden
feet, and praising your glory, we are awaiting for your waking with
a smile in your face, that confers grace upon us.  We shall then
prostrate to your feet. O Siva, of Tiruperundurai, with cool ponds
where lotuses bloom with dew drops in their petals and which abound
in cool paddy fields.  O the Lord with a flag of bull, our Master,
please grace us with your waking up!

Tirupalli Ezhucchi has been composed in Tiru Perundurai, today's
Avadaiyar Kovil, in Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu.  It is here that
Manikkavachagar built a Siva temple with king's money (intended
for buying horses from the east coast and go into trouble) and where
Siva appeared as Siva Linga.  Earlier in Uttarakosa Mangai, Siva
appeared as an Effulgence, Formless. Siva Linga was with Form and
Formless. Finally Siva appeared as a Brahmin Guru, in Tirukazhukundram, and bid him to go to Chidambaram.

The inner meaning of Tirupalli Ezhucchi is Tirodana Suddhi.  Siva
cleans up the veiling and projecting maya through His grace.

Arunachala Siva.