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Obstacles to Sadhana
« on: January 03, 2009, 03:07:00 PM »
My wife's guru narrated a story from Ramayana, where it has been
mentioned that there are five obstacles for sadhana or reaching Godhead.
When Bharata was walking towards Nandigram, to meet Rama to persuade
him to retrurn to Aydohya, the queens, the minister and others went with
him.  When Bharata determined to walk the entire distance, as a mark
of respect to Rama, Kausalya who with the other two queens were going
in palanquins.  After some distance, Kausalya told Bharata not to walk
the distance but to get into a palanquin, for comfort.  This is the first
Vrata Panga, obstacle to Sadhana.  This also happens in our efforts for
Self enquiry.  When you sit on a chair or sofa for meditation on the Formless, in a sunny morning, within a few minutes, your mother or
wife will call you in a loud voice, "Breakfast is ready.  Come quickly before
the 'iddlies' get cold!  You can no longer, purse self enquiry.

The second obstacle is from dhurdevatas, bad angels!  Bharata was told
by these bad angels:  "Why do you go all the way to meet Rama?  He is
not going to come back.  Anyway it is not your mistake.  Go back to
Ayodhya and enjoy your kingship!"  When we are sitting on a Sunday
morning, being a holidy, to pursue self enquriy or think about Ramana's
Teachings, your friends would suddenly appear and bang the doors.
"What are you doing on this lazy morning?  There is a film by Gajini
Kanth and we have got one ticket more for you.  Come along. Let us
enjoy the film."  And that is the end of your Sunday morning meditation
and enquiry.

The third obstacle is from your 'well-wishers'.  They really mean good to
you but do not approve your path.  Bharadwaja told Bharata:  " I will
take you Heavens.  Why take all this trouble?  Your goodness to Rama
will anyway earn you Heavens. But why do you wait that long?  Come away right now."  Bharata looked helpless.  Like this, there would be many
in your Satsang group.  Why all this trouble of self enquiry and Jnana
marga?  Not everyone can become Ramana.  Please chant Vishnu Sahasranamam and be done with this."  Your self enquiry stops at that.

The fourth is Guha and Lakshmana.   Guha and Lakshmana  who saw Bharata from a distance, were doubtful of the latter's integrity and were
ready to fight with him.  Here, Guha and Lakshmana represent your own
individual soul, mind and ego.  Your vipareeta buddhi.  "Why all this trouble?  Anyway I do not seem to  make any improvement." 
It is better to sit and watch TV which is showing a cooking programme,
"How to make good rava-halwa and rumali roti."  So your own ego
makes mischief and you doubt your own progress/efficacy and wanted
to play safe with routine worldly life!

What is the solution.  Unflinching devotion to Bhagavan Ramana. Because
the fact is that unless you love and keep faith in Guru, obstacles are hard
to overcome!

Arunachala Siva.