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Zen Stories
« on: January 04, 2009, 11:20:29 AM »
A monk asked Joshu, a Chinese Zen Master:

Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?

Joshu answered: 'Mu' ('Mu' is a negative suymbol in Chinese,
meaning 'No-thing' or 'Nay'.)

Mummon's Comments:

To realize Zen, one has to pass through the barrier of the patriarchs.
Enlightenment always comes after the road of thinking is blocked.
If you do not pass the barrier of the patriarchs or if your thinking
road is not blocked, whatever you think, whatever you do, is like
a tangling ghost.  You may ask: What is a barrier of a patriarch?
The one word 'Mu', is it.

This is the barrier of Zen.  If you pass through it you will see Joshu
face to face.  Then you can work hand in hand with the whole line
of patriarchs.  Is this not a pleasant thing to do?

If you want to pass the barrier, you must work through every bone
of your body, through every pore of your skin, filled with his question:
"What is 'Mu'?" and carry it day and night.  Do not believe it is the
common negative symbol meaning nothing.  It is not nothingness,
the opposite of existence.  If you really want to pass this barrier,
you should feel like drinking a hot iron ball that you can neither swallow
nor spit out.

Then your previous lesser knowledge disappears.  As a fruit ripening
in season, your subjectivity and objectivity naturally become one.
It is like a dumb man who had had a dream.  He knows about it  but
he cannot tell it!

When he enters this condition, his ego shell  is crushed and he can
shake the heaven and move the earth.  He is like a great warrior with
a sharp sword.  If a Buddha stands in his way, he will cut him down!
If a patriarch offers him any obstacle, he will kill him!  And he will
be free in his way of birth and death!  He can enter any world as if it
is his own playground. I will tell you how to do this with this Koan.

Just concentrate on your whole energy into this Mu and do not allow
any discontinuation. When you enter this Mu and there is no dis-
continuation, your attainment will be as a Candle burning and
illuminating this whole unierse!

Has a dog Buddha nature?
This is the most serious question of all.
If you say yes or no,
You lose your own Buddha nature!

Post Script:  Dear everyone, I want you to read this Post more than
once, and contemplate the essence which is like teaching of Bhagavan
Ramana.  This story made me think too deep and too much.  For
example Bhagavan Ramana's advice:  BE STILL, or Just Be, is like,
Mu.  His Upadesa Saram Verse, stating that Knowledge is beyond
knowledge and ignorance.... is like a Zen Koan.   I request you to
send your views/feed back on such comparisons.

(Source: The Gateless Gate. Nyogen Senzaki. Penguin, London.)

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Zen Stories
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2009, 12:00:04 PM »
 I'm too wise to gain 'NOTHING'! Asit
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