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Tiruvembavai - 19
« on: January 03, 2009, 10:15:54 AM »
The Verse 19 of Tiruvembavai, describes the thoughts of the girls
who for early morning darshan to Arunachaleswara go the temple,
after bath.  The Verse reads as under:

O girls, there is an old proverb which says that the son would tell his
mother:  O mother, I am ever subservient to you.  This proverb, we
are afraid has taken a new form.  We are telling Arunachaleswara:
O Master! There is a prayer to you.  We, shall marry only your true
devotees* and we shall always do service to you.  Let not our eyes
see anything that is not you.  Let us always think of merging at  your
holy feet.  If this happens, what do we care, even if the Sun rises
in any direction?

(* In Nayaki Nayaka bhava, unlike Vaishnava Saints, the Saiva Saints
always say that they should marry only Siva's devotees and not Siva
Himself, because Siva is married only to Uma and to no one else. While
Naryana may have 16000 wives as in case of Krishna, Siva is married
only to Uma.  Even Ganga was taken into his matted locks not as a
wife, but only to give her a place, lest she would cause deluge in the

Arunachala Siva.