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Miracles Do Happen
« on: December 30, 2008, 11:53:40 AM »
Narayana Iyer, after serving many centres in the old Madras Presidency,
had been transferred to Tiruvannamalai itslef, in the later years. This
was the happiest period in his life.  He decided to construct a house in
Tiruvannamalai itself for his post retirement life. In fact he was one of
the earliest persons who constructed a house near the Asramam, in order
to be near the Holy Presence.  His only sadhana was to be near Bhagavan
Ramana in all his free time and keep on chanting Forty Verses in Tamil.
His neighbours had been telling that if they could hear Narayana Iyer
chanting Ulladu Narpadu in the early morning, it was 4 am.  He was
often helping the kitchen assistants in making chutney or cutting

Prior to construction of the house, Narayana Iyer took the plans to
Bhagavan Ramana to have them blessed.  After careful perusal Bhagavan
Ramana observed: The plan is alright, but where is the well?

Though Iyer had a location in the mind, it was not marked in the blue
print.  This turned out to be benediction as Bhagavan Ramana selected
the site and marked the exact location.

Later one could see what a great blessing it was.  Not only the well water
was sweet like coconut milk, but the well never ran dry and it was a
source of succour for the entire neighbourhood in times of severe drought
in Tiruvannamalai!

(Source: Mountain Path, April June 2008.)

Arunachala Siva.