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Tiruvachakam - 3
« on: December 29, 2008, 03:07:37 PM »
I am continuing Siva Puranam, the first song of Tiruvachakam.

From line 26....

In the evolution process, I was a stone, I was grass, I was the root,
     I was a tree, I was a worm,
I was born as different species of animals, I was a bird, I was a snake,
I was born as man/woman, I went to hell as devil, bhuta ganas,
      I was then again a man/woman
I was an arrogant demon, I was a rishi, I was a deva(angel),
I have gone into innumerable births as plants and animals, and men,

I have now become tired with these births and became lean,
O Master!  Today I am born to know your feet truly and get liberation,
O the Truth, the Blemishless, the king on the bull, to whom
The Vedas pray 'O my Lord!', O the depth
And the breath and the subtlest!

O the hot, the cold, O my Master, the Blemishless,
You came when all the falsity left me.
O the True Jnana, the Effulgent!
O my Guru who is beyond all knowledge!
O the Knowledge that banishes all ignorance!

O without beginning, measure and the end,
O the one who creates all the worlds, sustain and destroy.
O the conferer of Grace, who snaps my births, who
Places me into the Self, the Upright, the nearest and the farthest!
O the owner of five elements, when the angels adored you,
You hid your Form, O my Master!

Arunachala Siva.