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Zen Practice
« on: December 27, 2008, 03:00:11 PM »
Goshu came to Zen Master Yui-e and said:

I have been studying Zen for many years, but have not succeeded.
Please give me some guidance.

Yui-e said:

There is not secret trick to Zen study. It is just a matter of freedom
from birth and death.

Goshu further asked:

How does one pass through birth and death to freedom?

Raising his voice, Yue-i said:

Your every passing thought is birth and death.  Thoughtlessness
is freedom.

At these words Goshu went into ecstasy, feeling as if he had put
down a heavy burden.

(Zen antics. Thomas Cleary.  Pub. Shambhala, Boston.)

Arunachala Siva.