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Tiruvembavai - 10
« on: December 25, 2008, 12:30:17 PM »
The Verse 10 of Tiruvembavai, is noteworthy on many counts:

1. This is the verse which has been prescribed by Saints of Saivism
for DAILY chanting and not merely during Dhanur month.  This is
called Nitya-Anusandhana Song.

2. This verse describes the Effulgent Form of Siva, which is beyond
reach by people of egoism and little faith.

3.  Dr. G.U.Pope, a Jesuit Father who was working in Tirunelveli
Diocese in early 19th century, took interest in Tiruvachakam.  For
the sole purpose of reading Tiruvachakam in Tamil, he learnt Tamil
language with a pandit and mastered the language.  He, after many
years of study, translated Tiruvachakam in English and made it known
to the Western readers.  Dr. G.U.Pope followed the prescription of
Tamil Saiva Scholars and chanted this verse every day till his death.
On the last day of his death, he wanted his assistant to read the
famous verse (O the Consort of the woman with eyes like unripe
young mangos!...)  in Decad of Surrender, and passed away!  Pope's
English translation is considered to be the best for Tiruvachakam even
today, even though it is in Victorian English.

The verse is addressed to the Rudra Kannikas, the maids working in
Siva temples for making garlands, lighting lamps, sweeping and cleaning and bringing water, fanning the king, devotees and priests and for
dancing in the halls.

O His lotus feet is well below the seven nether worlds, and its
description is beyond words.  His crowned head is well above the
fianlity of all the worlds and scriptures that describe Him.  He is
the consort of Uma. His Form is not of one body alone.  He cannot
be comprehended even by devas and people on the earth and He
is beyond the description of all Vedas.  But He is indescribable friend
of ours, life of our lives. He always resides in the Heart of devotees.
O Rudra Kannikas! He has no town of His own!  He has no name of His
own!  He has neither relatives nor outsiders.  We cannot sing Him
in adequate measure. What is the way of singing Him?   O please contemplate His glory.  Let us sing.

Arunachala Siva.