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Tiruvembavai - 9
« on: December 24, 2008, 10:41:46 AM »
The ninth song of Tiruvembavai reads as under:

O the Primordial !  The Causeless Cause, older than the oldest things!
And the newer than the newest things!  We have considered you as
our Master!  We shall serve only your feet.  We shall prostrate only
before your devotees.  We shall become wives only to your devotees.*
We shall act only with those commands by given them.  O Master! If
you can confer this grace upon us, there is nothing more that we
want.  O the girl, who is still sleeping, please consider this.  Let us sing!

(* In Tiruvembavai, the girls adore Siva and say that only Siva's devotees must be their husbands.  Manikkavachagar composed the entire Tiruvachakam and Tiruchitrambala Kovai, in nayaki-nayaka bhava. But
he says that the girls would pray to Siva only to give His devotees as their
husbands.  This is because, Siva, unlike Naryana does not marry anyone
other than Uma.  Even Ganga comes down from heavens and was borne
by Him on His matted locks, to prevent deluge in the world.  Uma is only
his wife.  Similarly, Uma has only Siva as her husband.  We find in Siva
temples, only shrines of Siva and Uma and no other consorts.  Unlike
Tiruppavai, where Andal says that she would marry Krishna, Tiruvembavai differs in this important feature.  In Sri Soundarya Lahari, Sankara says
that the touch of Lalita's breasts will not be had even by the trees and
plants in the gardens!  A person acquires great wealth and is called
Lakshmipathi.  A learned person becomes a Saraswati Vallabha.  There
is no such terms used about Uma.  Siva and Uma are the eternal husband
and wife.  They are the eternal Father and Mother of the universal
beings.  Lalita is called Sadasivsa Kutumbini, the woman of the family
of Sadasiva!)

Arunachala Siva.