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Miracles Do Happen
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:21:43 AM »
M.V. Ramanachalam, was a great devotee of Bhagavan Ramana.
He had many experiences with Bhagavan.  His father Venkatarama
Iyer and Bhagavan Ramana were great friends in Madurai in their
younger days.  Once Bhagavan Ramana, Venkatarama Iyer and
Ramanatha Brahmachari went to the top of the Hills, with cooked
food and other requirements. While Bhagavan and some family
ladies went earlier, these two were following them, after some
time with food packets.  They lost their way.

Strangely now and again, a young boy would appear before them
and guide and would soon disappear after a while.  Again the young
boy would appear before them and guide them after some distance.
Thus they reached the summit.

Venkatarama Iyer, after seeing Bhagavan Ramana on the summit,
exlaimed:  You mischievous fellow!  You are here. You are there.
You are now. You are then.  You are everywhere in all forms.
How long have you decided to hide your Real Form?"

Bhagavan Ramana simply smiled and said nothing about the
mysterious boy on the Hills!

(Source:  Mountain Path, Jan-March 2008)

Arunachala Siva.