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Arunachala Pilgrimage - Dec. 20-22, 2008 - 2
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:07:49 AM »
The next thing is about Asram books.  The first one is Guru Vachaka
Kovai, English translation and commentary by David Godman.  This
book is priced at Rs 150 in India and is a treasure of meaning and
references to Bhagavan's life and teachings on many verses.  David
has covered all the verses, with cross references to various Tamil
books (Siddhanta and poems) and Bhagavan Ramana's works.  I
should say that this great book is very lowly priced even for an Indian reader. It is priced at Rs 1200, USD 25 for Western readers. This
is better than Swaminathan's translation in English because unlike
Swaminathan's, this book covers ALL the verses. There are numerous
sub-stories about Bhagavan Ramana.  This is in English unlike Sri
Sadhu Om's commentary which is in classic tough Tamil.  The other
books are two beautiful small biographies of Muruganar and Kavya
Kanta in Tamil.  More exhaustive than Telugu and English versions.
There is one more nice Tamil book, Sri Ramana Mathuranubhavam,
giving the reminscences of Desur Akilandamma-Mastan and Balarama
Reddy. There are numerous small books priced between Rs 10 to Rs 25.

I could buy only for about Rs 800 totally, with my wife's perusasion
not buy too many.  I also bought the new Calendar and Diary.
Robert Butler's SRI GURU RAMANA PRASADAM, is expected in Jan 2009.

Bhagavan Ramana's Jayanti falls on 11th Jan 2009.  Those who can
afford to brave the crowd and the heat of Tiruvannamalai can visit.

Finally, once again about Maha Deepam.  This Light stills your mind.
It makes you to contemplate more within.  This Light makes you
remain in Peace.  This Light brings poetry within you.

I could meet Mani and Ramanan and some more devotees whom I know.
I could not meet Graham Boyd.  I missed David Godman by a few
minutes in the book shop.

The Boundless Ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda,
All the worlds are waves in His wings, 
Steady, Deep-delving in the Heart-Cave,
Ramana with non-vacillating mind, I contemplate
You in the Heart!

Arunachala Siva.