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The Drive within one self
« on: December 19, 2008, 11:45:57 AM »
Whatever may be one's condition in life, one should have a drive within
oneself to reach the goal.  When one keeps the goal within himself,
then the obstacles/miseries/disappointments/pains, will pass off,
keeping the goal constantly in mind.  The goal could be anything, in
life or afterlife.  Self realization, is of course, the most important goal.
But the Self calls only a few.  Still fewer are chosen!  The other 'spiritual'
activities, like worships, prayers, mantra japas, raja yoga, are all aids
to self realization.  These are, as I have already said in some other post,
sub-routes to the royal road of self enquiry.

When we are struck by obstacles and miseries, we should remember that falling on the road, is only to make us get up and walk further, as Dale
Carnagie said.

I was going through an IIM, Ahmedabad, Alumni magazine.  One or two
strories made me think deeply.

Kaushalendra Prasad, who topped the batch of Class of 2007 and
who should now be living in an air condtioned room somewhere in
Silicon Valley, thinking dollars, is now selling vegetables in Patna
and is advising the fellow farmers how to grow good vegetables and
checkmate the retail traders and marketing giants of retail goods like
Reliance, Subhiksha and Foodworld!  Prasad has set his GOAL.  He
does not care for the MISERY and PAIN associated with his poor earning.
As an, IIT-IIM graduate, his present income is 5% of what he would
have earned otherwise!   THE DRIVE to do some thing new and for the
prosperity of other poor farmers are there.  These are all the requisites
in the path for self realization too.

There is one more heart rending story.  This is about the disease and
death of Rahul Bhimjiani, an IIM graduate of Class of 1979.  He was
working as a Professor of Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad,
and cancer of his colon was detected in December 2007.   One of his
last e mails to his friend reads as under:


The promotional offers of consumer items have been suggesting, "give
one and take three...."  God has been kinder to me.... One tumor in
my liver has increased to six now!   One classic novel starts like this....
"It was the best of times and it was the worst of times..."  My best time was
when I entered IIM amongst toughest competition.  My worst time is
facing a life expectancy of further one year!  But I would like to live at
least three years, to complete the weddings of my daughters and feel
the piss of their kids and wetting in my pants!......

If one could face two great challenges in life, disease and death,
one can also attain, among other things, self realization!

Bhagavan Ramana has said in Who am I? : "If one could control his
mind, one can live anywhere!"   Even in a terminal cancer bed, with
CAM therapy!
Arunachala Siva.