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Large Hadron Collider
« on: December 13, 2008, 02:02:00 PM »
I posted two months back a topic on Large Hadron Collider.  This is an
instrument, with which a group of 10000 scientists are experimenting
to find out the basic particle, called Higgs Boson, or God's Particle,
the basic material with which the universe was formed after the Big
Bang.  This group is called CERN, European Centre for Particles Physics
Research, and the large machine is installed in Swiss French border.
There is a large workshop and office for the CERN, here. 

What is interesting is that on the entrance of this CERN reserach building
there is a huge Nataraja metal icon, which was installed on 18th June
1964!  All the physicsts agree that there cannot be a better representation
to depict the formation of the universe, from the Big Bang, than Nataraja!
There is a Sanskrit and English inscription of the famous Verse 56 of
Sivananda Lahari, under the metal icon!  Nataraja icon, they say conveys
everything about the formation of the universe.  About 1300 crores of
years back, there was a Big Bang.  Before that the universe was a single
large particle.  This explosion resulted in countless number of smaller particles with varying temperatures from absolute zero to the highest
temperature!  These particles collided and they formed various stars,
planets and moons.  Some particles are still colliding to form supernova
and stars  in future.  There are, some other stars are breaking into smaller
particles!  This constant creation, sustenance and dissolution is constantly
going on, matter into energy and energy into matter, the play of Siva
and Maya, as described in Sri Soundarya Lahari. 

Dr. S. Ramesh, Director, Physical Research Laboratory, John Hopkins
University, Maryland, U.S. writes:  "If Jesus Christ's or Buddha's statue
had been installed at CERN, Christian and Buddhists nations would have
celebrated it, as a mega event, by issuing postal stamps and holding
meetings, but Indian Govt. and Hindus are keeping away from this and
are keeping quite.  It is not only a matter of ignorance but also the
false pride of secularism!

Incidentally, Fritjof Capra, the famous physicst, wrote his famous Tao of Physics, only after meditating on Nataraja.

George Kalamaras has also written an article titled Quantum Physics
and Dance of Nataraja.

Sometime back, Ramanaduli asked me to write about the message from
the dance of Nataraja.  I am working on that.  I shall write about it soon.

(Source:  Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam, Tamil Monthly Magazine of Sri
Ramakrishna Math, Chennai. November 2008.)

Arunachala Siva.