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Tiruvannamalai in Tiruvachakam - 9
« on: December 14, 2008, 12:33:35 PM »
The next composition is Tiru Poovalli, where there is one verse about
the glory of Arunachala.

He sings:

In the ancient times, Vishnu, Brahma and devas and other gods
Could not find our golden feet, and they were adoring You!
He came to my Heart and ruled over me!
Let us sing his oranments and pluck the flowers* in the garden!

(* Tiru Poovalli is a decad on songs of girls while plucking flowers
for Siva, from their gardens.)

The  next composition Tiru Undiyar, a game where the girls stand with their
toes, describes the Daksha Yaga.  Muruganar's Upadesa Undiyar,
Upadesa Saram is modelled on Tiru Undiyar. This decad does not have
any reference to Arunachala.

The next is Tiru Thol Nokkam, a decad describing the game in which
the girls sing seeing Siva's shoulders.  A couple of verses speak about
Arunachala in this.

The Verse 2 reads as under:

He is never born and never dies and he has taken over me!
He could not be seen by Vishnu, who threw a calf to kill the demon
    in the form of Vila tree, nor by Brahma.
Let us sing Him, His noble characteristics, the Lord of Thillai.
Let us sing his shoulders, O the girls with long dark locks!

The Verse 12 reads as under:

Brahma and Vishnu, in their ignorance were telling,
I am primordial, He made their arrogant egos to subside,
He came as an Efflugence, limitless and all pervading!
He is Primordial, let us sing his shoulders!

(Source: Tiruvachakam, Book VIII of Siva Canons. Saiva Siddhanta
Book Publishing House, Chennai. Translation and Prose rendering,
my own.)

Arunachala Siva.