Author Topic: Tirvannamalai in Tiruvachakam - 8  (Read 1638 times)


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Tirvannamalai in Tiruvachakam - 8
« on: December 12, 2008, 11:30:47 AM »
Tiru Thellenam, a game for young worls with pepples and seeds,
is the name of the next composition, in Tiruvachakam.  There are
many verses referring to Tiruvannamalai, or Siva standing as a column
of Effulgence.

The verse 1 reads as under:

To the feet that could not be fathomed by Vishnu, as a wild boar,
He has taken us to know his name and form, as a Brahmin, he
    ruled over us,
For the one who has no name and no form, let us sing a thousand
Let us sing his names and play Thellenam!

The Verse 3 reads as under:

For Vishnu, Brahma and other devas, He did not show his form,
He came to us, Siva, to know his form, and to melt our hearts,
Let us sing to melt our hearts, sing his names,
The world will laugh, what if, let us sing and play Thellenam!

The Verse 14 reads as under:

Vishnu, Brahma and other devas cannot know his form,
Even to an extent of a lean thread, He came to me as subtle,
And stayed with me, and metled my heart,
Let us sing, with tears in our eyes, let us play Thellenam!

There are also other verses, Nos. 5, 7, 16, and 19, with references
to Tiruvananamalai, in this composition.

Arunachala Siva.