Author Topic: Maha Deepam - 2008 - 11th Dec.2008  (Read 1473 times)


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Maha Deepam - 2008 - 11th Dec.2008
« on: December 12, 2008, 09:51:43 AM »
Maha Deepam, 2008.  This was the light for which angels were waiting
for one year!  I kept the Forum - Webcam opened, and was seeing the
Hills right from 5.00 PM last evening.  The TV, the Chennai, regional
channel, Podigai was also on.  The commentators were speaking about
the glory of Arunachala and about 20 lakhs people who had come
from different parts of the world.  They told about one North Indian lady,
doing circumambulation, by rolling her body on the circuit road!

At 5.54 PM, the smoke from the wick suddenly sprouted.  It was there
upto 5.55 PM. And at 6.04 PM, the Light appeared on the summit of the
Hills.  The full form of the Light started showing up from 6.08.  At
around 6.27 PM, when the whole Hills was dark, the Light was appearing
more and more brightly.  There were also lights to the right of the Light,
perhaps, the lights on the pathway.  There were stars.  The Full moon,
which was on the left of the Hills, appeared upto 6.00 PM and perhaps
went beyond the focus.

The lamps were lighted by my wife at home.  I became very emotional.
This the Light of Siva, the Effulgence, for which every human being
is endeavouring life after life, birth after birth.  I could not but recollect
the famous song of Tiruvachakam, in Arut Pathu, the Decad of Grace.
I was chanting this famous hymn mentally and praying to Sri
Arunachala Ramana, the Effulgence that guides our lives.

O the Effulgence!  the Flame!  The Lamp with all encompassing light!
The Primordial God, consort of the woman, with curly locks and large
breasts!  O the Form with milky holy ashes!  The One, not yet known
by the lotus-seated Brahma and Vishnu.  O, the Justice!  O the
Wealth!  O the Ancient, appearing under the 'kurunda' tree in
Tiruperundurai.  If this slave calls you, with love, will you not ask me,
"What is it?"

(Arut Pathu - Verse 1.)

We should all thank Graham Boyd and his team, for this wonderful
expositon of the Light on the Hills, in the Forum.  Thank you, Mr.
Graham Boyd, thank you for your team, thank you for your wonderful

Arunachala Siva.