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Sivananada Lahari
« on: December 10, 2008, 12:03:31 PM »
In the Verse 98, Sankara asks his poem, which is identified as a girl,
to marry, (approve) and take her, (the poem!).

O the lover of Gowri!  I am giving this poem/my daughter, (kavitham, kanyakam),  wearing all nice dresses, (sarvalankaram), with good flow (walk - sarala-pada), with good character (survranam), with nice shining body, (sadbi samsthuyamanam), and who is praised by good elders, as having good conduct, (sarasa-gunayutham), sweet disposition, (lakshnathyam), with all nice body-contours, (udhyadh bhusha visesham), having bright ornaments, (upasudha vinayam), humble, with lines in the palm indicating, wealth, (dhyotamana artha rekham), full of care for
welfare, of others  (kalyanim).   Please marry her, (approve this poem), (gruhana:)

The Poem                                            The daughter

With simile and other alankaras.     Well dressed
Sweet words.                                      With good walk
With good "vruttham" verses.         With good conduct
          golden verses.
Nice shining poems                             With shining body
Praised by elders                                  Praised by elders
With good kavya lakshnanas.           With good character 
Nice body of poems                             Nice body contours
Bright allegories                                   Gold ornaments
Wealthy ideas                                       Having palm lines     
                                                                 indicating wealth
Spreading Welfare                               Caring welfare of others, kalyanim.

(Bhagavan Ramana has said that only a Brahmajnani can be a good
artist.  The poetry of Sankara, Brahmajnani is revealed in this poem.)

(Source: Sivananda Lahari, Sanskrit-Tamil. Sri Ramakrishna Math,
Chennai. Translation and Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.