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Sivananada Lahari
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:11:48 AM »
The Verse 34 of Sivananda Lahari, speaks about the dissolution of
the universe by Siva.

O Pasupati!  How can I describe your glorious courage?  O Sambu!
Who else has got this courage?    Who can get this state of Atma?
How can others get this?  The devas are trembling, the Sages are
shivering in fear, the universe is dissolving.  In that catastrophe,
you simply stand fearlessly, simply watching this great dissolution,
and dance with bliss!

(See here, also Sri Soundarya Lahari.  26. Brahma is dying.  Vishnu
is lost. Yama dies. Kubera embraces death. All the Indras close their
eyes in death.  In this great dissolution, O My Mother Lalita!  Your
Sadasiva is playing with you!)

The Verse 35, shows about the self surrender and bhakti within.

O the bearer of the burden of protecting and saving the beings.
You are the one who thinks of doing good for the devotees, in this
birth and hereafter.  You are the Guru, showing the way of liberation.
You are within and without.  You are all knowing. You are all prevalent.
You are all present at all the time.  You the god of grace, what can
I request to you?  O the conferer of Bliss!  You are the one who confers
bliss by closing staying with in me!  I am contemplating only on this!

(Source: Sivananada Lahari. Sanskrit-Tamil. Sri Ramakrishna Math.
Chennai. Translation and Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.