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Sivananda Lahari
« on: December 08, 2008, 11:50:39 AM »
The Verse 87, on the other hand, is slighting at Siva's dress, food
and adornments!

O Sambu!  Your food is poison!  Your ornaments are serpents of
terrible poison!  Your dress is tiger's skin as waist cloth and elephant's
skin as upper cloth!  Your vehicle is an old bull! What can you give to me?
Please give only unremitting bhakti at your lotus feet!

Manikkavachagar says in Tiruvachakam, Kovil Tiru Padigam,

" O Sankara, you have given you to me!
You have taken me to you!
Who is cleverer than the two?
I get endless bliss from you,
What have you got from this poor me?
You have taken my Heart as your temple!
O Siva, of Tiru Perundurai!
You have taken this body as your Abode!
What price can I give to you in exchange?

The Verse 88 speaks about worship, adoration and meditation on Siva.

O Siva!  I am not like Sri Rama, who made a dam on the ocean!
I am not like Sage Agastya who crushed the mountain with his palm!
Unless I become Brahma who took birth from the belly bottom of Vishnu,
I cannot do worship, adoration and meditation on you!

(Sri Rama with his great worship, built a dam on the ocean and then
did worship to Siva in Ramesvaram. Sage Agasthya with his supreme
yogic powers crushed the mountain with his palm, and then adored
Siva.  Brahma when unable to find your head, meditated on you
to see your Form.)

Manikkavachagar sings in Tiruvachakam:

What penance have done towards You!
I simply say Siva and you graced me!

(Source: Sivananda Lahari. Sanksrit-Tamil. Sri Ramakrishana Math,
Chennai.  Tiruvachakam, Tamil Verses. Saiva Siddhanta Book Publishing
House, Chennai.  Translation and Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.