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Sivananda Lahari
« on: December 08, 2008, 11:35:05 AM »
The Verse 65 of Sivananda Lahari, describes various adornments
and oranments of Siva and Sankara wonders how can he get those
things for Siva.  It is a gem of a poem.

The verse reads as under:

O the wearer of the Crescent Moon!  Your food is poison from the
milky ocean, your flowers are the moon and your ornaments are
serpents, your attire is tiger's skin and elephant's skin!  I am not
capable of churning the ocean to get you the poison!  I am not
capable of digging the patala, the underworld, to fetch you the
serpents!  I am just incapable of hunting animals from the forests!
I am nor an able hunter too!  How can I fetch you food, flowers,
ornaments and attire?  Kindly tell me!

The Verse 86 describes the glory of Arunachala.  It reads as under:

O Umapati!  The One who is everywhere!  There are heaps and heaps
of things that are necessary for my pooja to you.  But how can I
worship you?  I can not have a form of swan, and search for your
head.  I can nor become a wild boar, to find your feet.  Even Brahma
and Vishnu who had these forms at their will are still searching for
your head and feet.  What can this poor me, do?

Manikkavachagar says in Tiru Embavai, again a composition on
Arunachalesvara of Tiruvannamalai:

Your lotus feet is lower than the seven under worlds!
You konrai adorning head is higher than everything that describes you!
What is your town?  What is your name?
Who is your relative?  Who are others?
Let us sing the glory of Siva, who is the god of gods!
O what is the way out? O my girls?

(Source: Sivananda Lahari, Sanksrit-Tamil. Sri Ramakrishna Math,
Chennai. Tiruvachakam, Tamil Verses. Saiva Siddhanta Book
Publishing House, Chennai. Translation and Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.