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The story of Kannappa
« on: December 06, 2008, 04:14:18 PM »
This afternoon I wrote about Hunter Kannappa' story, in Periya Puranam.
Coincidentally, I read the incident where Bhagavan Ramana narrated the
story of Kannappa to devotees.  T.K Sundaresa Iyer and other devotees
were sitting in front of Bhagavan Ramana, on a day after Kartikai Deepam.
The idols of Siva and Unnamulai was coming in procession and the Asram
devotees, showed camphor deepam to Siva and Unnamulai, and brought
the burning camphor on the plate to Bhagavan Ramana, with vibhuti and
kumkum prasad.  Bhagavan Ramana took it and said:  "Why all this?
The son is ever subservient to Father!"  Then the devotees placed the
copy of Periya Puranam and asked Bhagavan Ramana to narrate some
stories from the book.  Bhagavan Ramana opened the book and it was
Kannappa Nayanar's story.  He read out the story with scene after
scene, and when He came to the portion, where Siva appeared before
him and said:  "Stop Kannappa! Stop Kannappa!"

Bhagavan was shedding tears profusely with choked words. He was
seen perspiring very much and his hairs stood on end.  After a few
seconds, after wiping out the tears from his eyes, Bhagavan Ramana said:
"No. I cannot go on any further!"  He set aside the book wiping out
further tears with His towel!

Saint Manikkavacahagar has sung:  "Even after seeing Kannappa's
love, you have also taken hold of me, O Father!"

(Source: Arunachala's Ramana.  Boundless Ocean of Grace. Volume 2.)

Arunachala Siva.