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How to see this?
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Samsaram is maya
You are Consciousness.

This is the essence of the teaching and this is the essence of practise too.
As simple as that.
Samsaram, this world that we see ... is maya. One needs to contemplate on this to get firmly establised in the vision. Long before it is contemplated abt, it needs to be seen as Maya. Most often the question that is asked is: How do i see it as Maya? It appears so real!

You are Consciousness ... The indirect knowledge... it can be got from a good guru if one has Faith and has minimum logical ability to analyze. This is the most fundamental. For someone who is convinced that he is Consciousness ... and still not able to see the world as Maya ... there is sadhana.

Sadhana is to "See" the samsara as Maya.
What is maya ? There are two aspects to it: 1) Its transient 2) It does not affect us.
So we have to see how everything is transient: This is called contemplation on the transience.
We have to see how the Consciousness is unaffected by the happenings in the field of Maya. This is to be seen within. Just Be the Witness and see how the witness is unaffected by the happenings of the mind and states of mind. This is also self inquiry. Self inquiry is to Be the Self and see how we are a witness to everything and nothing touches us.

Thus by repeatedly practising seeing the world as Maya or Dream --- Transient
and Seeing ourselves as untouched by the happenings of Maya .
By seeing how everything happens by god's will and we do not have any control over things and happenings [that is droping Asha or hope]

We remail liberated and living a liberated live... we learn to live it completely.