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Skandar Andati
« on: December 01, 2008, 11:51:12 AM »
Verse 51 of Skandar Andati, speaks about the glory of the great
Sangam song, Tiru Murugatru Padai, by Saint Nakkirar.  Incidentally,
this is the first full fledged composition on Muruga, and it is dated
2nd century AD. This song narrates the glories of 6 great temples of

The Verse 51 reads as under:

Chikai- thogai - ma - mayil, ...    O Muruga, who sits on the majestic
     peacock with blue neck and large feathers!  O the one who came
     to the ocean where, there was Surapadma, in the form of Krouncha

Chi- kaith - thogai - ma -may - il,......There, Surapada again changed
      into a large mango tree, with greenish blue branches and leaves,
      in representation of his maya powers, and you killed him!

Chik- aithu- ogai - mamai -il,......You showed anger on Brahma, who
      did not know the meaning of Pranava and imprisoned him.  You
      made the devas happy after pardoning him.  You set right the
      horse-face of the Pandya princess!*

Chik - aitho - kai-ma-mayil, ..... You married the peacock like damsel
      Deivyanayaki, daughter of Indra, but you love to hear the songs
      of Nakkirar in Tiru Murugatrupadai, than making love to that girl!

(* Jnana Sambandha went to Pandya Kingdom and he was requested
by the king to set right the horse-face of his daughter, who was
suffering from that deformity due to some curse of Jains.  Jnana
Sambandha set right her form and made her a beautiful princess.
Since Arunagiri Natha always says Skanda is Jnana Sambandha, he
attributes this miracle to Skanda.)

(Source: Skandar Andati, Tiruppugazh. Tamil Verses.  Tiruppugazh
Devotees' Group, New Delhi. Translation and Prose rendering, my

Arunachala Siva.