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Sonai Mootha Tiru Padigam
« on: November 30, 2008, 12:42:14 PM »
Sonai Mootha Tiru Padigam, the Elder Decad of Sonai, Arunachala is
by Muruganar, in Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai.  Like Manikkavchagar
sang Kovil Mootha Tiru Padigam, in Tiruvachakam, Muruganar has
composed this on Arunachala Ramana.

Verse 1 reads as under:

After metling my body and my mind, and also the soul,
You are staying in the Heart, like the sweet mixture of
Honey, milk and jaggery melted in bliss,
You Venkata, the Red Ruby of Arunachala,
Which is more than heaven, You removed my I and mine,
O my Mother, I shall be your slave!

Verse 2 reads as under:

You with your graceful gaze placed me
In the company of your devotees,
You removed the darkness of night which does not see the dawn,
You conferred me your lotus feet, by vanquishing my karmas,
O the Lord of Arunachala,
Who have half of you to the woman with hand drum-like slender waist!

Verse 3 reads as under:

You the one with the raised flag of Nandi,
I am suffering from the heat of delusion,
You with your graceful gaze that came like a spring,
O the one who heard the songs of by Vadvaurar*
With ears lowered, you gave me those ears,
For my songs too, O Venkata, the Lord in
Arunachala, O the King of Chotruthurai**
You grace is everflowing, O the Compassionate!

(* Vaduvarar means Manikkavachagar, who hails from Tiru Vadvaur.
** Chotruthurai, is a town where there is temple of Siva, and this
    is near Thanjavur.)

(Source: Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, Tamil., 1998 edition.
Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai. Translation and Prose
rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.