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Kovil Mootha Tirupadigam
« on: November 30, 2008, 10:29:55 AM »
Kovil Mootha Tirupadigam, the Elder Decad on Kovil, (Chidambaram),
is a composition in Tiruvachakam, with 10 verses.  After this verse,
the nayaki-nayaka bhava of Manikkavachagar, is complete, and he
speaks about only Sivanubhava, the Experience of Siva on merger.
This was sung in Thillai, Chidambaram.

Verse 7 reads as under:

I was thinking that the Dancer at Golden Court, would take pity on
   my begging and call me and I am cheated!
O you have made me to contemplate your unimaginable form, and
    ruled over me, but how shall be like this, a street-cow, without
    any owner?
To the place, where you and your crowding devotees stay and play,
Can I not come there?  Please call me, O my Life, make it swift!

Verse 9 reads as under:

They laugh. They rejoice. They enjoy the bliss of your Holy Word*,
They describe, they hear from others, they praise your various names,
They wear the Holy Ashes ever, they call you, "O our King of Golden
In their presence, how can I, this lowly dog be bewildered?  I
   trust you only, give it swiftly!

(* Holy Word - Panchakshara.)

(Source: Tiruvachakam, Tamil Verses. Saiva Siddhant Book Publishing
House, Chennai. Translation and Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.