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Sivananda Lahari
« on: November 29, 2008, 01:38:01 PM »
Verses 68 and 69 of Sivananda Lahari, speaks about the bhakti
and Siva's Grace towards bhaktas.

Verse 68 reads as under:

O Graceful Lord of the souls! This devotion called a cow, let it
make endless nectar of happiness.  Let it remain in the cowshed
of your Feet. Let it be the form of great merits.  Let this cow of
devotion be secure with you, who is the cowherd!

Verse 69 reads as under:

O Lord.  Let it not have the stupidity.  Let it not have the animal
behaviour.  Let it not have the dirt of sin.  Let it not have the
angularities of character.  O the wearer of the Crescent Moon.
Perhaps, if I have the above characteristics, like the moon, I
might have been an ornament on your head.  Please grace me
like the moon!

(*The moon, is stupid, because he loved one of his 27 wives, Rohini,
and ignored others.  The moon has got the animal behaviour, as
we see the dark shape of a deer, on its surface.  The moon appears
to be having some dirt on its appearance.  It has angularities in the
sense, it waxes and wanes.  I as a devotee, do not have all these.
Please have more grace on me, than towards the moon.)

(Source: Sivananda Lahari. Sanskrit-Tamil. Sri Ramakrishna Math,
Chennai.  Translation and prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.